Top iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks of 2015

what’s going on YouTube it’s Mike here today guys in this video I’m gonna be

giving you

my top I was 8 Cydia Tweaks over 2015


so yes guys in this video today I’m going to be giving you

my top I was eat weeks ok 2015

measure guys know pretty much a yearly basis I do these videos move pretty

average a breaker

and I always love together the best the latest and greatest jailbreak tweaks

combine them

into one video for you guys and I’m gonna be showing you

are some be best to tweaks and must have the you need on your I was a device this

is my iPhone six-plus

on which is jailbroken of course with the Pangu

I jailbreak if you member several months back to give tutorial

and do that and so I’ve been using a lot of tweets since and sustain this video

you to get the check em out so the first one is eternal may actually don’t have

to open anything to show that you guys

on as you can see here on my home screen all my icons are weirdly arranged

its actually very I’m similar to be Apple watch you wine is a matter fact

that’s exactly

I with this style return is in the style love

on the Apple want you I and I will tell you it’s very smooth I love how it

scrolls how it feels how it looks

on overall looks really good basically there the circle icons just like on the

Apple watching as you move the screen around

on icon zoom in on the background gets more in the ones you’re focusing on


can’t get bigger it’s actually pretty cool you can also on the zoom in close

right arms or you can zoom

all the way out see you could see an entire collection and the icons they got

you can see all them

how floating in the sky right there and I could use the Mac in and just give one

tap to the home button

and there I am on back to the center what’s really cool there’s a spotlight

search in the middle

a much get you right use policy RC don’t have to worry about swiping up for


and seek a pretty much just got around their naps open up perfectly this is

a working Twi caps open up perfectly fine haven’t noticed any

issues with apso burning so far over also pretty quilt week

and i think is like 299 or $1.99 in Cydia

definitely worth the price I really like it a lot and if you’re looking for to

the Apple watch like

I am just give me just a little more excited for it on since it does pretty


fully replicate the UI and for those six plus users who are wondering

on the landscape mode actually does work very well

you see the status bar is kinda of is a little lecture room

here for the doc should be on the right but for the most part

I mean it works perfectly fine and I’m assuming that you can yep

you can do this in just about any orientation even upside down

either side or just facing normally straight up forward

alright so this next week that I want to go over is called locklear now this has

to be one of my favorite top

tweaks 4i OS ate some getting on him actually lock my device and this

tweak actually takes place on the lock screen which is pretty cool

I’m just gonna bring my device up and as you can see right here on the bottom

there’s a little fingerprint identification

a much like you’d see with Apple pay now basically what this week does

is it takes that same little fingerprint identification even that you can

actually put your finger on the screen but it’s just

there i win read it on this actually completely mimics Apple pain as a matter

fact when i unlock it

it makes the same sound as when you’re making

a payment with Apple pay that this works on any iDevice is not just the iPhone

sex drive in six-plus in it doesn’t make any payments in that process basically

all it does

on that makes that cool little tick an animation and the actual apple pays an

annual Occupy San you have the animated

on fingerprint scanner right above the home button as a matter fact right in


same size with the touch it. sensors well will see that there again I’ll just

put my finger on it you can see it fills in the finger is a region and then it

checks and intelligent no

on that it’s candid unlock your device that actually really corner by hop into

settings here

may go down to lock but I could change at the settings you can’t shut

Top iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks of 2015

offer on the lock sound I you know the app a sound

you can use to take animation shine animation you can make it go faster you

can even change the colors

you can even on how that vibrator shake fingerprint when it’s failed so there’s

a lot of things

arm that you can do with this and more and more and every now and then it’s

getting updated

and it’s adding some really cool features gotta be one of my favorites

to the next week is virtual home this is probably the 1 I’m using the most

basically would virtual

home does it use the touch ID sensor on your iPhone 5s for later

not newest iPad i pair to iPad Mini 3

and you just simply touch the sensor verses actually pressing it in

arts navigate your device FIA double tap it you can hear it vibrate a little bit

and it’ll bring up the absolute sure enough I just tap want to bring me back

to the home screen let’s say for example I go into settings

tap once and it takes me I’m right back to the home screen

I’m so this pretty much informs you first wall that be to che the sensor

I has full capabilities being a capacitive home button

whereas you do not know you no longer need to press down the actual button

onto activity just simply touch I like you would when you put your finger over

onto redone fingerprint scanner or when you double but

had a double touch the fingerprint sensor to activate reachability on the

iPhone 6 knife in six-plus

on that replaces it in this case and you can use it as regular home but you can

hold down for Syria Taiwan

you pretty much do whatever with it next up is tiny bar now this is always been

one of my favorite weeks if you’ve been watching my jailbreak videos for a few

usual mode I mean

so basically this is what notifications coming in look like 20 bars of

and when you enable them you can see it only takes up the spot up the status for

and you could see I have scrolling texan able to fully read the notification

and so basically it’s not so notifications are so interrupted in wow

they just take up with the status bar is

it doesn’t fill up that whole portion industry right there which is always

been annoying to me

on you can just see what it does it it’s really quite been using it for quite

some time now

and in previous years I think it was called I bolted for I 07 this is the

same exact thing if you know what I Bolton is

you automatically know a time boris has a really cool will useful tweak

the next one up a slide to kill eight now this one is extremely simple

as you know outbreak early in the ass torture you can swipe up on an app to

kill it

on the woods like to kill a and you have to do it individually course would slide

to kill a

you simply swipe down and it kills all your absent takes you back to the home

screen automatically

is a very small to eat but I thought it was really cool and really useful till

not a little tweak I really like for I was eight is called Paul to restring

basically I just go back here

onto my settings page and all I do is pull up you can see the little loading


when you put the whole way the device to springs now I use a lot of tweaks that

require a spring they don’t have restring settings

on in their scent preference panes and they work behind the scenes without any


on and so this is really nice to have a need to quickly spreading our quick

restart or something like that

I really comes in handy so this next one is pretty useful called swype selection

I can remember I showed this in the past not on the basically what you do is

let’s say you’re typing

and you know typically make an air you have to hold down use a magnifying glass

and go back and fix something

will swipe selection it gets even easier and you simply swipe across the keyword

to move or you want to

to be honest with you I don’t know what happened has included a feature like

this yet

it is extremely useful in extremely convenient on

and i’ve see myself using a lot more for she might not think you’re going to

on the in recent weeks I’ve been using it so so much because there’s just so

much easier

again simply go back and you know

fix something as something if I want go back in

type whatever and I can’t focus I can type in talk differently the same time

on but I guess you know what i’m saying to this next week that I want you guys

is called eclipse to now

for those you’ve been watching in the past you probably remember I did a video

on eclipse the original version

out last year fry was seven basically what this does is it completely blacks

out the entire

I O S if you hate that I blinding are from white they can get very irritating

and annoying

on you will love eclipse to which basically on make sure entire UI

darker that what you typically have if i happen two messages you you can see

exactly what I mean just

on nice and I dark it gets there’s no more blinding

the black keyboard is always defaulted on pretty much they’re all around the


I O S any app you when I walk into you is completely blacked out

looks a lot better my opinion here’s notes for example these are all the

tweaks them showcasing you could see how it inverts the colors almost an

just looks a lot better and it’s not just Apple app that works for this also

works for third-party app for example right here you can see I’m on my


you could see how it blacks out I work in a bunch of other apt to New keenan

blacklist some maps if you want for example 3 by I used three bites dark

mode which they have provided automatically without jailbreaking

so I have to be but blacklisted in settings on so that it will avoid

I actually turning on their own the clips to zone dark mode which is a

really really useful features inside

pervert we both version if your name

mean its recalls we could definitely recommend checking I think it’s like a


arm if if that’s something you want if you want to talk to you I then be put to

use for you

are the next we gonna show you guys is called flocks which is actually stylized

F dot LuxI but everyone calls a flux

now I have actually never used this week before up until now so this is a new one

on and so basically what this does is it takes your screen and

at sunset or whatever time you want that matter and at sunrise

it changes the warm and color the screen on so it first I really didn’t like how

this week but I thought my screen look disgusting but then I realized how much

I appreciate it and like a tweak

the right here all go into fluxes on actual said his preference brain

and even though I’m right where I am in my time I it’s not sunset yet I’m going

to give you a little preview what it does so hit preview

and as you can see this green now all the sudden dams

and almost kinda looks like what you’d seen an Apple commercial as you probably

know the screens artfully white

on you their takes a little bit to make them look more real

on at night time this is really useful so that the white is not blind you

that’s the standard white that’s on right now

and as they did at the preview that’s what it’ll look like after the Sun sets

when the Sun rises

it goes back to normal color this is really useful at night

on and day for that matter as well when it changes back

it doesn’t burn your eyes out that much in it just gives you a better

presentation on your screen arms I can provide a for example right now

I as you know it’s it’s not something get its 127 in the afternoon

on but when this is running and it is on I really

makes a huge difference I definitely recommend are going to install its a

free tweak in Cydia go grab it

next week I’m going to show you is barrel now if you don’t know what barrel


you are living under a rock nope just kidding crime but seriously you should

know a barrel is

is a very simple tweet this is one that I show off in every single 1i videos

I guess it just because it’s an all time favorite and just about everyone

including myself

absolutely adores this week all it does is add these really cool

on animations to when you swipe between on your page is this is one the original

jailbreak tweaks that everyone has wowed by when it came out

and I guess people are still out at the fact that I’m it still works perfectly


any issues on there’s a whole ton affects you can add to it my personal

favorite is curling roll away I’m using that one for

gone I don’t know how long has personally when I favorite it’s a really

cool tweak

on that add some character to when you’re sleeping in pages and it’s just

not that important back and forth and so

go check it out our answer just about the last week that I me showing you here

is called no icon labels and this is very simple and straightforward I know

as a small one basically all the stuff that gets rid of the icon labels

on your home screen now this is something that you could do it spring to

mind however I’ve been using sprinklers for few weeks to

are resize my icons give them a cover flow fact but I realize it’s bring to my

stories been crashing the absolute crap outta my device while draining the

battery at the same time so stop using that look for an alternative

thats and I found no icon labels now this is strictly for I was 8

says you can see gives a really nice look onto the icons on your home screen

and is also goes for in the absolute sure

and that’s why I when I had apso pin you didn’t see any labels under and that’s

why also

I have the contacts disabled in the top and that’s why you don’t see it saying


no recent contacts for any you thought that this is I was seven or something

else tricking you

had several disabled and that taxes in the purity more on for that reason

it’s also disabled on in folders the app switcher

I you get the picture it disables ’em always hated icon labels just because

I know what have some using the pre obvious

on especially since I use a custom font I it also looks a lot uglier on the home

screen so

I’m happy that I got the street because check it out it’s a free tweak no icon

labels go grab if you want they did say that that was my last week that I was

gonna showcase

there’s a few more things I want to go over I wanna let everybody know that I

want week that I always use that I just couldn’t get it working for this video

arms IntelliScreenX accent died the people over at Intel a warrant on

actually just released I SX 8

Intel screen X eighties was messages plus 8 on you guys already know that is

I’ve done so many videos on a tweet before

basically use light down you have a beautiful view evolve your notifications

it’s much more simplified you’ve whether

on the most recent notifications you can view different feeds in different tabs

on messages plus is basically like a whole quick reply system in itself

without ever entering the Messages app

on for this video however even though I purchased the tweak multiple times in

Intel abort

is reluctant to supporting me very unfortunately I don’t know if you guys

have seen my tweets them

have not been able to get I until screen X it working on my device the trial

works for three days then I bought it

and it will not install itself but still thanks on that it’s running a trial

so with that said I cannot show you the tweak on but you guys pretty much know

what it is

if you wanna see I leave a link in the description I reviewed it last year for

I was seven

and it’s pretty much the same almost exactly the same

I review the tweak separately because I loved it so much

on solely the link in the description see you go check it out I just don’t

have it for this video

and it’s a close up the question I get all the time is how did you get the

issue logo in the top

and how’d you get your text the way is we’ll go over the text first

I’m using by to find two with which is a very popular font app it’s actually the

only one

when I saying and I use the complete in him five people are always wondering

I’m using this complete him fun for the last almost three years now

on which one my favorite I don’t know how I stumble upon it as is looking for

fun sunday and found it

skylight a hand-written type it then looks pretty cool so that’s the 1 I’m


go grab it but you have to get by to find two and the most recent version of

completing himself makes you do that

on and probably the question I get the most

I get this on youtube twitter facebook email I get it on

every freakin haha Sosa platform you can imagine

is how do I get that logo on in the top left now everybody knows

I’m sure at this point that you have to use the tweaks Zeppelin

on to change how your carrier looks whether icons are carrier text

but everyone wants to know how I get the Doernbecher for logo as you know I’m a

dime a shoe collector

sneaker collector whatever you want to call it not close enough terms for you


on the everyone always asks I get I guess this MD before fans out there

everyone always asks

on how I get the deal before icon up there so this is a private source that

my friend did he he saw sundar score movement on Twitter I told you guys this

a multiple times but never really gave you the source and this finally is the

store she’s a few things in there

I’m when you gonna want installs Air Jordan’s I V which stands for four

d isn’t doing backer for Zeppelin okay you’re gonna want to install that

package you need his source first his source is syria

got my repo space dot com

slash sauce movement and I will leave that description for any you that missed


and you go to that source like I said go to all packages

going to install Air Jordans for d4 Zeppelin as an Air Jordan Doernbecher


and then you will be able to go ahead and go into Zeppelin of course makes you

have that when installed first you’ll be able to go in there

and actually on get the don’t occur for logo in the top

on the left with a carrier is just like me finally

that questions answered but that’s it for this for you guys and knows little

bit longer really want to show you everything I’m using I’d based right now

while it is jailbroken

jailbreak is going to be around for long I feel like because as you know Apple is

going to be releasing their Apple watch soon

on with that we’re all gonna need to upgrade our advice is pretty soon

onto I’m assuming I was a point to to actually be able to use our Apple

watches with our I devices so I want to get this video up

as soon as possible that’s what’s up like the first week in January 2015

con for you guys so though I hope you enjoy this video if you did please be

sure to leave some comments below on your thoughts of course rating this

video a thumbs up

How to make a Cydia repo using Github

welcome back us this is Tyler and today we’re gonna be working on making a city

repository using get home

on wonders Calma say we’re kinda duties

using Windows when I actually use realizing the system Windows

we’re gonna be utilizing a virtual machine with that actually needing to

use anything like

VirtualBox parallels VMware anything like that

are marching new utilizing arm nature’s

die I O up before it get into that I want to

down talk about some some the other alternatives that

before we do anything else make sure you had a river did get help dot com

sign up for a free account and then verify your email

are missing injured on that we can argue hen a

go ahead and get started I was signing up for I

nature stop I O if that’s what you choose to do I

aka so he said there are three

our choices here that we have and I’d one with nature so I O R for one

particular reason

comment think you might agree that this might be a good idea but

you will see so with cloud nine though

on for free count need a 512 megabytes of RAM

and one day away hope this space this is why you were

virtual machines gonna be arm holding onto this is this is the specs on your

virtual machine

so I kinda felt that that wasn’t that much no one gave way to space really

isn’t much especially if some people hasn’t

teams better big arm are you know they have some stuff that

is big backup right up quickly so

the second alternative was coding armed dot com crater face

a II very much like the interface

by unfortunately you only get about a gigabyte half

up space but it does run very quickly I’m so if you decide to go with this

this says I’m very quickly

arm I know says 30 gigabytes a searcher

but really when she get the VM installed on the circuit by

3 gigabyte of storage space trial after a bout with about

are making a pie and the

half but you do get the for 1 gigabyte of RAM as far as I can see

then lastly with nature’s the one that we’re gonna be using

arm for as a starter kit with a with industry

you get one container much is going to order a or Ubuntu

their virtual machine that we can I log into and use the term North

oMG I want to go but a memory and five year basis to merging actually I have

all five gigabytes of storage and I can show you that leader

arm that you do I have days 5 gigabytes torch it’s not like it’s five gigabytes

and then

you take away some spaces it actually gives you the psychic bites

so I with that being said go ahead

and arm now that you are signed up for your home go ahead and sign up for

a teenager Scout on and just press get started

and leave you might go to sign in with

arm with your key hub cap if you’d like

otherwise just sign up with a no more account and

yeah so wall work on getting started an creating a

2.2 container arm after you do that

you’ll be greeted with Tom getting a container set up

and we’re talking about here in a moment sachi sign up

I believe it’ll take your rate to this page on where to ask you immediately to

create a new container so as you can see have a whole bunch over options here

that we can create iran says basic template you wanna go with is

by to since thats in a we want to use armed arguments terminal access

and today yeah skewing quick Ubuntu

you can given a name risk a stick with Ubuntu for simplicity sake

and then click Next choose the area you live in

an acrid workspace name I’m caught Cydia

repo since I live on the east coast

arm I mean she’s East Coast and then I’m going to choose

starter up plan and then click on Create

and to work on creating the I repository

on are the on workspace

and it’ll probably take a few minutes it doesn’t use a carried away so on skype

cut into

arm the ided on either you’ll be

greeted with the ID rate away a pine arm

starting this up or you have to click on open I D E

arm once if a window pops up

rate after this so either way you be here is an ID

and I will cut to that now some ensuring your

I ides be greeted with the read me

on right away ambers gonna go ahead get few things set up

arm as you can see down at the bottom has your terminal window

and that’s exactly what we’re gonna quit get set up together

out and what not because on there’s something is there

I like to do to make the workflow a little bit easier

sourcing wanna do is we want to actually change

the default shell right now as you can see it’s zsh we wanted to use bash

so we’re gonna do this all bitchy way arms as we all have

actual arm

permissions like I’ve read permissions I don’t believe arm

yes it’s it’s a it’s a password less

I am route access on the Cedar command arm

can or to change shells after I think you need a password for that sell

we’re going to disarm but im GD Way simply by saying e-maxx

on dot ZS ours

CS each RC Anna or gonna do

is picking that up and at the top

we are going to just Adam bash

and then you can do control axe our culture air control

axe us control C or if you don’t wanna do it that way

you can go up here click on this show hidden files

click online touch zsh

RC and they put bashed the top and then to control us to save the file

and then once you have that tango hadn’t type exit

Energy’s connect to doubt attack close that I terminal tab

and open a new one and it’s gonna open up

bash for you so what’s written sup bash the other thing we wanted

to just to make things I am a little easy on ourselves

arm skier here machine just to shell script

a serious and colors we want to change this prompt here

and I’m scan at this and as a comment on this is what a prompt is going to be set

up as so this just

now just a little bit over a tip I’ll you have to change is

you don’t want to I just find it easier for myself to understand it’s here and


surges second your username whatever you know

you can’t do you use in anything to your name whatever you wanna do

army can leave to look for that information if you want

arm but personally I like to do this so

How to make a Cydia repo using Github
p>I G forward slash W

and then do the dollar sign the dollar sign just let us know there were

kinda music bash a shell and then

yeah I at the bottom what we’re gonna wanna add

to is I eles and this is good just gonna make E

clearing the screen or easier homer using their terminal window

alias see equals and then double quotes clear

and then I go ahead and just save those

say that by urging control pass and then you can close after that

and then you’re going out once again exit out of this and then you’re gonna

wanna take bash

and you should see your new om

terminal on propped so judge name

you got where directory ran and so as you can see I CDN to code

on you can see that is I’m telling us

from where we the from the home directory where we’re at

cell yeah good to go there nixon wanna do 0.2

arm set up get us in skin is re-install first not to do that

arm and 30 pkg manager is already

arm and start so we don’t have to deal anything

with that but we do need to set some things up with kids see you and you get


dash dash global user

.name and then it’s gonna be your username sir for me it’s gonna be super


and then you can argue

get configure Dashmesh global and user

dot email and then in quotes you can do your

email so just put your email in there and Obama

you’ll be good to go on the next thing will do then is we’re gonna set up

arms missus each keys and I will jump to that here in a second

so what you read your email

arm and make sure you but that any quote in there I you could go with the global

set up

%uh the nixon wanna do I guess it is we want to set up us an SSH keys just in

Hilo easy on ourselves

so we don’t have to keep putting our username and password and

every time you wanna commit changes and push them to get home

so we what we want to do is wanna come over this link

arm am just follow the steps answer with step 2:

and generating a new SSH key I’m screwed out searle

I run everything that starts with a dollar sign that she should prompt

and I’m just follow through this its pretty much self-explanatory

iron and then the spot on highly

is step for make sure that you are using the

all method not lennox arm were

when does otherwise you can get problems when you get down to

adding your sis each heat here help

so make sure use the on method arm so with this

you can just are open this file which will be located here

the dialysis H Rs Jessica and thus far the ID

I underscore our set up public

copy the contents that and then put that in

where it says to put it in and then continue down on test the connection

make sure your arm you you successfully authenticated

I am and then you’re good to go by it.

axis tonight just read these instructions on diagnosing the issue and

hopefully he can get that

a squared away so now war go ahead and we will hop

into are creating the repost for itself

says you go along and set up the SSH keys he made me realize you can actually

copy in peace

arm things over into the terminal down here

least I can’t arm I don’t know about you guys

by arm so what I did is I just made a new file

simply by clicking in the fire but here and then just copying pasting is over

and then just typing on down here are my one

arm it’s not mission Tiki too long

took me about three minutes Warminster do their cell

I’ll with that being said let’s actually go ahead and us are making the

repass up to see if that and america’s that

and hom and here we’re gonna wanna make a new

folder called I

it’s gonna be your username actually i

now you’re not gonna create that you’re gonna make a gas hob

of order and then we wanna do is we want to

gone over to get helping create

the on the roster is so appear and raped her click on us

anchored in your post story

as mine loads

think ke hum is being slow

today still been doing this on my iMac and my PC

cell type in your username doc get home dot I L

are you can add any description you want so

iron necessity example repository

and then initialize this with a read me

share create the retail years might go a bit faster than this

arm terribly sorry about the like that is going on today

and then you wanna come they were here kind Eunice assh clan your own

make sure you click on SSH jurors might be on a sheet EPS by default script on

SSH copy that to the clipboard

and anchor back you’re here and

Comcare head hank copy her copy that into a

text file I’m cuz I said you can actually copy

I’m man stands USA get


and then get at get harmon

dot com Cohen your usual name not mine

slash your username died give her up

tie-in 0 dot yet and then hit enter and their claim that in there

and yeasts year folder in here arm now

that says your username that you have dial

and we actually when I you really want me there into the home

of order so whatcha that ten you can see dn2

get home I Sciascia she prepares

her own your username tacky hoped I L and we can

on go ahead and yet certain by adding a

a clue world com indexed

HTML file so beheadings assay echo

hello world and opening exclamation point otherwise you’re gonna have a

problem there

and then Dexter HTML and then we want to but i wanna talk about on a talk about

three very important commands

on their the following its get

add dash dash on which is going to add all the

changes that you made about surprise story

an arm itches adding them all so that they can be pushed

and USA get commit dash am

and what He committing it’s a description of where exactly pushing

hard to the retail so I can say added index

da teach him now

just like that on I said you can make this

put in and the quotations whatever scripts you want sense gonna say created

an excitation now

can you say get push send you get to go

so you can clear the screen and from here we were all

continue on by creating the folders and creating

how the only other necessary files so before we create this folders

hours care for to you are repost arranges check to make sure that the

index I teach him off I was actually there and got pushed quickly

Sienna refresh your repo and arm

you should see in a second day your index HTML page

is in fact their again

jihad is being slow and

I apologize

and there’s

so there’s our and exploration of I’ll are many actually go into

which are not going to be hers how so care homes being you see there says

hello world

Armin actually if you visit suppose for your username not my

a name if you visit your repair so

I use your username Dec you have to I L just confirmed that its says hold over

order whatever you typed in there

our mission load just fine then

’em mine seems to be lying on and on and on today

but there it is

so now that we have that done

you cannot backup for later we want

to you comeback ever hear and we want to create some

folder so I hate you drop down there

and let’s create these folders so at any folder

and let’s call projects armory can call whenever you want this just gonna hold

your projects

up your projects really RNs can hold

folders within its so at figure 2 per billing named

and these projects are gonna be non years projects

arm nothing day at least

makes a tweaks so

yep so in inside

the inside your folder here you also want to create a folder called

Debs which can hold your Devin files

named Trey I N

another folder inside projects and this is your gonna be your first project

surname this

whatever you’d like arm I’m gonna name my and fennel later

I because that is the theme there I am

putting on my Rico since I do that we’re going to add another folder called

Debian all capital letters and also inside a national later

not cited evian we want to add F

a folder called library with a capital hell

and then inside a library I am

we want to create a folder called seems with a capital T

so we’ll talk about the shortly

and on what each of these mean and when I am what’s gonna go into some these

are but for now let’s go back into

arm into this and thus create a new file

called release

and inside release you’re gonna have

a few on things and make sure release doesn’t have any doubt txt at the end

we r can add any arm extension to its just called

release cell let me bring up my Adam

page and care here I discussed this and this content error

and to hear so going ahead and go over some these

and hurry Chinese exchange as your Orjan

is going to be always is seen

are any I were City repository less

so you’re looking at a lesser price for is this is a name its gonna be seen

with label it’s what you’re gonna see arm

when you’re looking at a package in a says from

and this is the label it’s gonna say and then description what she go inside a


on one city a this is what’s going to be seen at the bottom of the page

Domino say

whatever you put their you can make the description comes as long as you’d like

arm and I should show it so but for everything else

me too sweets table version 1.0

arm jerry can change the version whatever number he’d like

arpa 1.0 just seems appropriate and then

the code names I worse architecture his iPhone

OS stash arm and their components is main

so just cannot leave diesel and arm

make button percent and then once again it seems that some reason to go ahead


clothes and excitation now and I’m psychosis untitled

a file here XE you want to do is

go ahead make a project Erica headin

go into your Debbie in folder Inc really found their car control

sana hoping control and then you want to

at 10 the following things

not exactly the way it not exactly what I’m adding in

by June one measure and so the package is going to be

typically com died and then your username

dot and then packagename

that’s the basic template I am

I I would say for this so I’m not gonna leave that there otherwise section a

show that is the package name

com but cell from mine its com dot she prepares

my username time channel it that’s the package name and then

the name is your package name this is what you can actually see in like the


a changes section so when you’re fresh in use your changes

this is what you’ll see here when you’re searching for repair this is what you’re

searching for San name

arm so since working when a poor team it depends on when you’re bored

and when our boards packagename like this

as just one report it doesn’t have I like

its acecomm dots are dot when aboard its just

where port so arm it depends on when you’re bored

and if if you’re on if you’re

file her if your package depends on anything else I just put a comma after

that nada

the other things it depends on cell yeah

so diversion are you can make on whatever you want harm

I figure it’s appropriate to say one point now if you’re in a very very early

stages a beer development you can see 0.0 0.1

g-man at Alpha behind that if you want you know you can change that the data

later to

are every day and I don’t harm show that in

your package um information leave the architecture’s

I found her West ash arm the description described what are we looking at

you know you know a description spaced mean the maintainer

author is you you don’t have to put an email address

but we do put an email just put it between the less than and greater than


arm that just insurers that a it’s actually read in its actually seen

and then section I is teens

on under springboard so for section

just gonna look at like Mon my eyes sections and see

what is your package fit under

some mine fits under seems marked in particular

spring work teams so once you have that all set up

go ahead and see that and we’re gonna close at file and it now

get your team ready and make sure you have it on your computer and we’re gonna

go hang copy that in there

oMG I do not believe I have that one at this computer

sale image can copy and ever and

and I will bring that back Pierre second period so before we go ahead and


adding your steam are much stronger briefly

a mention this site this is rx8 that hubert

I believe after creating a city a are

says a few months ago change Dissidia so are much funner it

put this out there this gives you more information about what should be

an arm a control file rehear

commentaries you are information about

each other things that go into the control file

and then as you scroll down you can see onlookers and to release are as anxious

as repository meta-data

arm and you want to you I’m

scanner with us information if you want to

and you should be good to go so now we can go back over here and we can

actually at our seamen

but before we do that unfortunately you can’t just sat in a folder

you know me upload files so we need to do is reaction you to add

a defaulter love the om team

sir just a tad n stipend on

for me it’s coming up in a later date team and then what we wanna do is have

you want to you

had a new folder an insider’s that scan the UI


and then now week what we can do is we can click on upload files to you I am


find your folder on

and we can go here and we can just write this folder and in if I know the

images and side %uh view I am inches and then click on upload

an hour just a couple seconds here to process that and then

lewd parsed pop up and that who goes through just fine

selection we want to do is we want to actually just

real quick wanna push these up to com argue help account so by doing

get at a all three very important commands

that high as stated earlier has a spell arm

had wrong actually you want to make sure you’re in the rate directory for so

CD into arm get home mine

push me and other Sheedy into code such scare her

slash its your username if you aren’t there already

and then go ahead had all those changes

commit them by

adding home added seem and they’ll tell you

arm all this you created and all the church adding and you can say get

push and then harm let me ask you this

so which one it is you want to just taking a pass freeze

for that are SSH key in that we had

used earlier and then just hit enter and create a strain and you should be good

to go there

so go ahead and go on over to your repairman just verified a

the information is there on the Chuy’s team

is intact there and then you should be good to go

with that annexing when it is gonna creep for

scripting files arm the

are the following: so let’s go ahead and we can get back in here

create a new file

army inside a York Maine

of order inside if you use name tag to have the higher folder

and we recall this from you dot SH

and then inside removed I S H we want to

added the hash bank on or shebang is some people now

this just this is just a it’s an interpreter

directive dead arms allow scripts and data files to be used as system commands

so it’s just telling arm it’s basically just saying hey

this is a bash script arm see it as that

and he said has that so if you want to you can actually changed shell script


I think it automatically recognize that’s fantastic are more we’re gonna do

it for me this will receive fine

Debs to find the folder depp’s and look inside have therefore

the type af which is just a real take file

with the name I love aren’t starting with

anything and ending and Deb

us we wanna fight all the your files the end in Deb

and we want to delete them and which manages your CRM

dash are and then packages dot

the SIP to should be easy to anger and see that file

are there are and SR is just a leading are the packages .bz

to file om what should we will be creating

with he another com

script so the next thing when it is going on at any file and call it

packages packages

dot SH

and with packages address each way on to an open that up

we want to at our house bank line which just tells all

tells it where is bash located

once again and it’s just an interpreter directive

on and then we wanna dpkg dashed debe

dash be see

G zip on and then projects

slash the project name for me it’s something later

and Debs

so the general template is dpkg

dashtam and indeed Ashby is a saying let’s build

a Devin file the capital CG zip

is just saying were foreseen def

deter inside at the data file inside this Armagnac shipment the

on Devin filed with you should see it data

on did I XZ file its not conceded a taxi there’s

something in between there think with you Missy father and I G Zenit filed in


you want to force business files to an and dot

arm Jeezy and then what you wanna say genessee projects

or whatever the metaphor at or near projects slash

project name on

just like that and then where is your

where where is the step in space to go so the output folder


if it would help you are you can actually go and scroll to the

fun add the arm a

counts and more and that’s just going to make it a

comment so if that helps you remember for later

what a myspace dad n there you go that should be good to go then

and then just say that file by Jim control us and you can go ahead and


Synnex images manana had a new file in here

we have two more shell scripts tad call this push

that SH Genna open that up

hatch were hash bang on Sudan

ash bash and then we gonna do

is we want to see dpkg dash scan package is set in a scan

are the folder on dead serious a dot such doubts

its gonna skin that for her for from

packages for Debian files are

and then output data into a file called packages

no extension on packages and then we want to do is nice ABN

zip a to dash

FKS packages I

where FKS does is it’s an option and

af forces the RBA rate I love the output file

arm so it’s forcing to you every it either packages

the the far packages or packages to Pisa

to not quite sure %uh stop my head

if if if it ever write speeds up to it seems unnecessary depressed actually

removed arm

the the be set to file

and I remove script so I’m unsure about to happen I know that I just have been

there and it works perfectly fine

RDK option doesn’t delete the packages file keeps it

calm cuz we do need to in our repositories well

and then ass I just reduces the memory usage for compression and decompression

arm with use for the

he said to file so the last thing we want to do

and which say that honey getting caught up the last fall when to make

is a file called up the to us

H so what up D you gonna happen open and up

and I’m gonna C dot slash actually want to

and your I has been like d been slashed bash

and USC dot slash remove

.se each then you want to you

call packages to sch and in USA

to slash push I dot ass

each and then go and see that file so we’re gonna remove

all the Debbie in files and we’re gonna remove the packages that these have to


didn’t want to actually go ahead we’re gonna create

the Debbie in trials and then we wanna do is gonna scanner

for at the packages an on Debs folder

and we want to at information about that

to the packages file and

com and yeah so that our own

to create our packages I’ll am packages

dot P Sep 20 so

which had that done in seems you can close out at that next we want to do is

you wanna make them

all execute a ball us so we can do is be what to say

ch mod plus axe and then

I do packages diet SH

sank on which acts like a newline on its %eh my reader

Haas axe a

push die I S H SantaCon

teach mod

plus axe see from you

da SH and then final on Ch myron

us axe

update dot message

and just from that man and she carries her perfectly fine

so once you have that done you can run dot such

update that SH you insert a pin to such up and then had

a tab an hour to complete on let’s see

there’s a problem

the airline T okay so it we have a problem like that

particular into our projects for her

taking control problem airline

any I’m not sure I understand what

problems let’s just get rid of re-read my in our trust and see if that fixes

the problem

and then see the file

blanco is and then run

doubts I shopped it again how

I see what promise service are I miss seeing a new line

so center near line

and just hit save on to make sure you have you put a new line at the end

each I those arm so can do that again

honor just say there just give you a warning I with the city’s

that’s fine snake sure says for one entry dow per package

and it actually built on your package seeking their fire there was bill and it

is right there

a jordanian file and then the last saying we need should check on is the


file on C&C here this is the information about our packages

her about her package on when you add another package

religious at that information rate below here arm said earlier this year

big wall of text like this arm with different information about your package

rate below their so you can see this is where the file is located

homicide is section cell

yeah you are good to go with that so the last thing you want to do is just commit

these changes circuit

at how all kit

commit dash am and then we can say

added and fennel later

and you can see that we had a packages packages debe ser

to and all that on a Saturday shelf hours and you can say get

push and calm may have to enter your SSH key

hom again there by it that shouldn’t be a problem

so blessing to do really is just gonna try to go ahead and add a repo to cydia

on just your repair will end up being

IOM your username dug a hole dialysis gonna be

HTTP colon slash slash I use name doctor had I L

at that as she goes to perfectly fine then to verify their everything’s


I okay arm you will want to

I’m trying to install your package evidence of just fine and you can see


winterboard theme then you’re all set to go on you can just keep adding

packages just like I showed you previously

arm n make sure you add that to the packages that SH

a script file com rate here

just make sure you keep adding each package that you have had a

are underneath this Saturn newline are

and then you’re all set you’ve made

ABC roster complexes were real

are you actually if you if you want to continue

seeing more arm updates about us I

you wanna check out the tutorial 34 how to create

a city AK have a city or processor using gas hob

are on Mac are meant to be a third tutorial you just gonna treat it the


arm on Windows exceptionally using nature’s and then you’re gonna be

utilizing and the

I term know here arm

so that’s a difference and that’s a rough week we’re gonna be looking at

creating a source icon

iron for CdSe can actually have an icon for your


on-ramp put in depictions and then we’re gonna meet

making I had reached him now page on that you see when you go to your

username tacky have dire page we’re gonna make that look a lot nicer

on just to have can basic template in there

and maybe even at a button if I find out how

a to actually bring you chewed the page

to the source page cell I hope you guys enjoy the absurd

and if you liked it arm Lee makes you believe like below

The BEST 120 Cydia Tweaks iOS 8.4 & 8.3

what’s up guys this is Cody here in today I have a massive tweet video for

you guys

today you can be taking a look at 120 different tweaks

now this was originally set up to be 150 tweet video but

I nearly died in this entire process as I they just because it took so long

there’s a lotta

tedious work had to be done to get this out right but

hopefully you guys will still enjoy it and of course if you guys don’t want to

you know all my wallpapers or anything like that support

make sure you follow me on Twitter of Italy description below for you guys

now course you guys appreciate this video make she smacked out like but just

because it really helps me out

but let’s go and get started so first up what we call activated as it we probably

all you guys have but if you don’t you definitely need to have it

you can see what does here’s allow you to perform gestures

to you do an action so we’re just tap on anywhere cuz you want to perform this


anywhere you can stroll through all these different gestures were gonna tap

on a three-finger page

and then you can see right here actually have it already assigned to compose a

new tweets originally but is that
now we go back here to the springboard you can just take three fingers

more page and you can see that’s going to give us a new

compose sheet for Twitter so you can do this for eight hundred different things

I highly recommend checking on activator yet we called alkaline so what this does

is allowed to be in your batter you can download different teams in city as you

can see right here

so you can download these these three actually come with it so if you want

your battery check out alkaline

next week old alternate control know what this does is give you Android like

button so to act because by default all you have to do is swipe up from the

bottom right side of the screen

you can see you get the story enjoyed button so recapping right here is going

to bring up the

absolute jerk as you can see right there the middle button is actually going to

bring you to the home screen shows you act like a home button in this last

button right over here is gonna bring you back to the last application for the


ap so you just tap on that you can see the debris pingback: to the settings

for alternate controls if I tap it appeared not going to dismiss it

nexus between called apex2 out this Tweet does basically give you an


to using folders in this just looks really cool animations and everything so

you can see just why down on application

after you later those applications and you can see there actually

going to it’s been different ways depending

on where they are on your home screen so you can see just like that now

courses set this up you to swipe down you have a little plus you tap on this

and then you add the application right there so it’s really as simple as that

they swept we called of bored now this is a purely visual tweaks can see what

it does I sweat my finger crossed the

the background right there you can see that it is a water like affect not

really all that it does you have several different teams you can change

basically how the water react to your finger touch but other than that that’s

really all that does actually pretty cool

you check out the other teams for yourself now if you’re looking for new

app switcher than ops a legacy edition is definitely want to check out you can

see right here all you have to do is pull

up like a point up the control center and it separated into three different

pages so the first page to the middle pays you have here

has all the towels as well the quick launch applications in the brightness

light as you swipe over to the left

then you can have your music controls and swiping over to the right this way

you can get all your app cars you can see you can swipe through all those

now if you want to close out an application you can do so very easily

just by swiping down

if you want to open one up you can actually swipe it up so you can see

right here the better body actually brings down

the notification right up there at the top so that basically allows you to use

banners with reachability makes we haven’t oldie but a goodie called barrel

now with barrel does is allow you to change the page animations

as you swipe across your pages bars is another indicator tweeted you can see

right up here the basically gives you a more

accurate depiction above what your signal is like

right there so you can see as it continues to go up or

the stronger the signal the higher the bars would go next up we have three


they’re all the same ripple you have to actually add that to your source is open

in the street from all over your eyes

but you can see right here that we have 5 columns on our home screen that’s due

to which we called better five column home screen so if you are more


on each page up your springboard then download this Tweet you also notice

right down here that we have better five icon dock

this is going to a light but five icons right there in your Dock

now the next one is better four by four folders so you can see right here with

that does

to go ahead open that up it’s going to give you for icons across

in four icons down giving you a four by four layout for your folders

next week old binary keypad

do that does for the passcode screen gives you that binary

for each up those numbers so I just think it looks pretty cool

in pretty minimalistic enjoy to customize your bad you can do so with

blurry bad as you can see the settings right here so you can add a border if

you want to

can also change the border color now we go down here

back to the home screen you’ll notice that we have these blurry batch the

actually look pretty good so if you’re looking for something to make you bad

look a little bit different

try out blurry badges now something actually goes along with blurry badges

or something you can download that’s pretty similar

is blurry bar you can see what that does is basically blurs out

your status bar right up there just give you a bit of a different look

now if you want the applications in your doctor balance

when you have a notification or bad notification on that app

then you can download and install bounce notified can actually change the

interval these as well so if you want to bounce less often

you can set that up in the settings now if you want to defer for

on YouTube I system-wide in you can download and install it we called by to

fought to you

you can see right here we tap on that all you have to do is tap on basic

and then you have all the point that you’ve installed you can download in


or within by the font app itself and then just tap on it

and then you’ll see the just want to restring your device so it’s really

simple as that you can see that I actually have gala installed right here

so if you want to spawn

then again just download galette now to head take a look at a few tweaks in the

control center so

first police wipe up the first thing you’ll notice is this background that

actually due to 8-week-old CC background

we’re basically just allows you to upload any photo you want

for the background a few controls and I think this one looks pretty good

now the next thing you know is we don’t have any separator bars on our control

center in st. to which we called CCD separator

next you also see that we have several titles right appear

due to a tweak called CC controls

we also see that we have rounded edges for the controls earnest you to tweak

called corners

The best 120 cydia tweaks for ios 8.4 and ios 8.3

next week between called colborne out this week does basically take up only a

portion of your screen

allowing you to dismiss it very easily without actually declining it so you can

see right here that I’m getting a phone call

for myself and FaceTime

if you want to silence the call that actually declining it you can just swipe

it up just like that now if you do that on accident for whatever reason you need

to bring it back

you to slide down right here is gonna bring down the notification center

as well as call or right up here so you can decline it

you can’t answer it very easily straight from the Notification Center

now if you want we got your camera you can download it we called camera tweet 3

now the ministry here that we can actually change the aspect ratio from a

square 23 by two

or to a sixteen by nine you also write here have your resolution so it goes all

the way up to 24 48 p down to

1:44 p.m. do the same over here if we go to

video so you can change it from 1080 P to 144

he also change the frames per second right here’s by dragging your finger


as you can see just tap set now right here if you tap on this is going to give

you a lot more options as well so you can go through this you can change the

white balance logging on advanced mode

you stabilizer I mean there’s a ton of different things you can do with this


so if you’re looking for a whole lot more control over your camera happened

deftly download this tweak

that’s what we called cast now this does is basically give you different types of


in tableview application so like your settings or your messages you can see

right here as I scroll

that we can get this nice little animation as were strolling

now you can change this up the does have a lot more animations he can go through

but this is a free 2-week

it’s actually in Ryan Petrich repulse ok you wanna check it out didn’t make sure

you add that source

now go back down here to the controls and you’ll see when you swipe up is

going to look a whole lot more clean as due to what we called

CC clean now it’s going to get rid of all those separators as you can see

right here

you can also hide certain sections if you want to do that just the kinda make

it look

a little more minimalistic and clean banners read a few that actually get a


as I pull up my control said that’s actually do to it we called system

apt hero not sure how to say that the basically allows you to you

blur out that background right there when you pull the control center

if you want to have a pretty subtle animations as you lock your device and

can do so with cheesecake so what this does is basically

zoom out and fade out at the exact same time so I hit the

home button here you can see what that does

I think it looks pretty good but again if you want to check that out and you

can do so

from Cydia they got a probably already seen this but in my settings actually

have circle icons

rather than square icons right over here you can do that with the two-week-old

circle icon set to a change up the look of your folders and you can do so

without we called classic folders now there’s actually quite a few different

things he can look through

but this one break here’s poll in my favor it’s called maverick’s agency as I

tap on that

just gives a nice little animation in a really cool layout so I definitely

recommend checking this out

if you’re looking for new folder layout in theme now if you’re not a huge fan a

classic boulders you just want something a little more clean

and you can use eight-week old clear folders now we tap on this you’ll see

that there’s basically

no folder in the background just transparent completely clear

and this is just a more minimalistic look if that’s what you’re looking for

next appear but we called clear lot notification so you can see

if I go to my lockscreen you have notifications on your lock screen

Inc actually clear all of them just by pulling down so normally o’clock would

be right up here but I’ve actually hidden that

with hymie eight light but you can see as I pull down

when I let go is actually only clear all those notifications

not use it on a different tabs in Safari like I do then it could tweak to have is

called close all

know what that does is allows you to tap and hold on an ex

is going to close all your applications going to be a little pop a break here

asking if you want to proceed

so he just tacky estimates can close all those taps just like that

next week old colour bainer now that we does is basically change the color and

the bainer

to the dominant color up the application itself so

you can see right here if we tap on test-ban you’ll see that the application

is white so the banners white which is a terrible example

but if we tap this again you can see this one’s black which is another

not great example was tapped as well what time you can see this one is red

and pink

so that banner is kinda red and pink color one more time

you can see red so basically just change the colour up the banner

as well as the notifications as you can see right here tap on that

if you want a nice looking lush green wire listening to music on your device

you’ll see right here that

the album artwork is predominately black so with colourful 0

that’s what you’re gonna get on your washing as well so you can see that

basically the entire lockscreen

is theme

to that album artwork net you’ll see here that we haven’t we called colour


now you can see what that does is allow you to change the colour

up the buttons right here just by using RGB slide so you can change to basically

whatever color that you’d like

now that we could like to use a lot is called colour badges now this one does

is take the predominant colour in your application in use that

for the bad as you can see right there you can also add outlines which I

already have installed

and has a nice little theme as well so deftly checked out that something you’re

looking for

now if you installed cornered that’s actually going to give you that I West


tight menu buttons right down here so you can see when you get these options

down here they’re going to be around at all

just like you’ll see in iowa’s 9 no free alternative to bare all

is cylinder now sooner actually had a lot more animations then barrel does

so you’ll see right here let’s just go into the settings and I’ll show you all

the different types of

affection we have so you can just tap on somebody’s and then set it up for

randomize in on those that we have a ton

up different animations right here so now it’s your back

you’ll see every time that I swipe over they’re gonna get a different animation


like I said if you want that particular animation the you get from beirut the

not download barrel but otherwise

Saunders probably your best option now you probably already noticed this but

actually had the date in my status bar next to do what we called

date in status bar nestle see a look at the dock so first up we have what we


docking role so what this does is add animations to your doc so you can see

actually only show one application down here but by swipe across

you can see giving that we’ll option for all those applications now we go into

setting you can see that we have quite a few different types of themes or search

our rotary here

you can see what that does but if you wanna check that out and F lee do so

they also knows tell you that I have a different color documents to tweak all

da color so basically just have an RGB slider

as well as an alpha to change up to transparency other

you can change the doc color to any color that you want not not a big fan of

changing the color of your doc maybe just wanna change the blur or the

transparency we can actually see

the right here I have a set to transparent so there’s no doc whatsoever

but if we go to the set

is here let’s just say we changes up to I was 280

dark milk glass a bit less opaque so you can see what that looks like

right there see just keep trying to get a darker color dot but you can change

that up to all those things that you saw

right there within the settings next we have a pretty cool tweaking its called

double tap to sleep so the way uses

is basically just double tap on any open space and is going to put your device


just like that next event we called eclipse to

now this does is allowed to have basically night mode

in your application so you can see right here in my settings everything is a lot


that’s due to eclipse night obviously customize this to change at the colors


and you can also blacklist application so it doesn’t use Eclipse

within a specific application for instance it doesn’t look back it so

def need to check this out if you’re a fan that dark look

now if you download install moge three-plus then that’s actually gonna

give you

this spock symbol or a hearsay can tap and hold on that change color a bit

but you can see right there that’s what’s gonna give use also gonna give

you all the Immodium flags

if you’re looking for that so deftly check this out now never heard anybody

saying they don’t like flocks

so what flux does biggie easier on your eyes especially at night

when you know you reading to read it are you reading through Safari or anything

just makes the entire screen a whole lot more orange tinted

so you can see if I tap on an able you can see what that does

and it just makes everything a whole lot easier and I can’t stress this enough to

be haven’t tried this

he deftly should check it out next to be a tweet that’s specific to city and its


favorite tweaks so ima try to clear that we have a star Sophie tap on that

this gonna show me all of my favorite tweets of course be one at one you just

tap the plus button

and they look something up so let’s just say they’re gonna look a blowhard we’re

gonna tap on that

you can see the ads it right there so this is gonna give you the ability to

quickly go

into your favorites in and download install your favorite weeks

know that we do we have here that you probably noticed throughout the video

is that we call for now this one does is basically give you

a different look for different UI element so right down here you can see

that it’s actually blurred out

in up here you can see is blurred to so hasn’t transparency as well so you can

see when I start to scroll through

it’s actually showing everything that’s going in the background

as we scroll across so that’s basically what floor

dozen this is gonna work on a whole bunch different UI elements so

for instance if you get a below 20 percent notification right here that’s

going to be blurred out

with flurries well now usually when you open up a folder in the open application

within that folder

when you hit the home button you come back to the open folder

well with the tweak all folder closer is actually doing the opposite so you can


when I hit the home button its gonna go directly to the springboard rather than

back with inside that folder

now fear huge still be queen like take a lot of sophie’s at night

you probably know one install eight-week old front flash now this does

is basically give you a flash on your front facing camera as you can see right


I got my front facing camera here you can tap on auto you tap on on or off

so when I take a photo you’ll see that it flashes just like that it’s gonna

give you

that front flash when you take that picture next year between called fuse

so what this does is give you the ability to see the clock and date still

on your lost Green

while you’re playing music so you can see right here that are basically moves

everything down

you have all your media controls right down here mean you have your clock in


right at their the top so that we called fuse next up we have another app

switcher tweak called a grid switchers so what that does is give you a grid

as your ass which now if you wanna close out applications you can just swipe up

on those just like that

you want to scroll through your abs and you can just swipe to the left just like

that now one thing to keep in mind that you have your favorites

enabled right up there at the top and I was in a cut those of usually I don’t

have a min able so it’s not really a big problem for me

now with Greece which you can actually change up the grid layout as well so you

can do four by four here

as well if you want sees something to tinker with when you install the tweak

nicely but we called groovy lock now a groupie like does is basically give you

the ability to install widgets

on your lock screen so using Groovy lock actually installed a with you here

you can see that actually used in my previous video and it’s called

Ellis bare-bones tiny marzo that’s what that is right there

nation have a tweet called guest mode now if you guys haven’t heard this

basically what it does is allow you to

enable a guest mode on YouTube I so for instance somebody asked to use your


maybe their specific things you don’t want them getting into well you can


guess mode just by swiping over here and then you can swipe again

to activate guesstimate

so you can see if I want to go into the settings actually can’t

because its disabled through guesstimate now there’s actually a few ways you can

access this

so if they swipe to the law right right there

you can see that we can get guest mode right here as well so

it’s basically going to lie to lock of any applications that you want while

still enabling

a user or a guest to get into specific applications that you don’t really care

if they get into

now if you guys are not a pain in the volume had like I am the proper wanna


eight-week old hun transparent eight so what that does is basically get rid of

all that blur the usually see on the screen and stays up forever

it just leaves the outline up the volume as you can see right there so

just a really nice tweet to have especially when you’re watching videos

now here we are what we call haptic news its agencies we swipe up our control


let’s just say they were gonna play some music now at this point a time that I

press in EB buttons right here in the media controls

actually going to give some haptic feedback so by tap on next

you can hear that it’s actually vibrating there that’s really all this


so if you wanna check that out then definitely do so now if you want to take

it a bit further with the haptic feedback you can download and install

haptic pro

out this does is every key press you can even set up to every button press

or tap it’s going to buy breaker give that haptic feedback seeking here

when I tap on the Settings app you that nice little

vibration you can also change the speed or the link

up the vibration right down here seeking change iteration

just by sliding across now on a tap on something

just go back you tap on settings you can hear that it’s a whole lot more

exaggerated than was previously know that we did I definitely recommend

having on devices hide me eight

now what this does is basically give you the ability to hide a whole bunch of

different UI elements throughout your entire device so you can hide something

you control center your lock screen notification center springboard status


so that’s going to basically allow you to hide you know status for indicators

you can change

on your springboard you can hide all the icon labels

on your lost in you could hide the clock anti DECC grabber in C grabber

date basically everything in anything you would want to hide

you can hide with hide me 8 so deftly check this out

know what we called hot dog now what hot dog does is lie to change eight on a

different text

throughout your device so right appear the top you can change your text

you can change your clock format you want to write down here for some


up what you can use right down here you can also change things on your lock

screen so like the time and date format

the font size date format date phone turned over stuffing also change the


if you want to do that so hot dog is pretty helpful you can also see

if I go to my passcode you can change detect

the passcode screen as you can see right there so I just haven’t seen good luck

so is a lot different places that you can change the text this is a free tweak

so I definitely recommend checking it out now another helpful tweet to have

that we called her dismiss

so you can see right here by you and put my volume her just for example

I tap on that it goes away immediately so basically

is not gonna stay around and hang around for as long as he usually does which is

usually wait too long so you just tap on it and it goes away

another staple job rate app to have is a app called

I clean

now what this does is basically get rid have all the useless

data the you have on your device just tap on clean and it’s going to clean

that up so I just go ahead and speed up through this

and I’ll meet you want it’s done ours we can see that it’s done and you’ll notice

that if freed up

over a gig up space on my device and is going to Greece prine automatically

or you can just tap yes to restring your device now of course you guys know about


I file does is allow you to browse to all the files

on your device and make custom changes to those now of course I don’t recommend

doing any types of changes to any of these files if you don’t know what you


but this can be very helpful when you’re you know

trying to install maybe a custom winterboard theme or you know maybe

installing a dead file

for tweet that’s not necessarily in city just yet

now to achieve the layout of your icons on your device and you can use it we

call iconoclasm

so this is actually the three by three did setup layout

that I’ve selected through the settings for iconoclasm you can see exactly what

that does but it has all the SLE

some other layouts you can choose from you can actually download some layouts

through Cydia

now my favorite layout week is probably home screen designer but

for right now it’s actually not compatible with 8.4 but once that’s


I would actually recommend downloading that name probably noticed this button

right down here

on my device throughout this video on this is eight week old if

found to so what it does is basically if somebody find your device though

probably hit that button if it says if found

in then you’re gonna see its gonna give you all the information

for that owner so you obviously fill out all this information

and then when you they tapped call owner or email owner

then it’s going to obviously reach out to the owner of the device

now the next week you’re is last at night set this up in activator

in basically what you do you set up a gesture in when you use that gesture

go to the previous application the you were in so actually set this up

for double tap on the status bar so I double tap on the status bar should take

it back to the previous application

in which I was in which you can see right here is activator

next week old locklear now this is one that everybody really likes and what it

does is basically give you

and animation for the touch ID on your lock screen so you can see right here

the can actually

the mid as well so i’m used 80

Kingdom Hearts theme for this but you’ll notice my use my

fingerprint her touch ID to unlock the device it basically will give that

little animation

and then check mark you can actually change the colour a that animation as


that’s what we called long CCB this is a tweet that actually affects your control

centre so please wipe a break here

all you have to do to use long CCB is long pressed on any of these totals

right here to bring you to that settings panel Sophie long press on wifi

his number is to the settings for WiFi

internals another tweet that I always have my job broken device now it’s not

necessarily typical for every job rate user

but for me it is one that I like to have so if you every

a terminal on the go than double check out im terminal

now miss discussed misers another must-have tweak for every job work

devices because it allows you to customize basically

everything in your messages app so you can see that change the background here

change color bubbles

above my bubbles as all the recipients mobil’s and you can basically see

that I have dark themes for the title bar as well as the text for it there

or something is customizable there’s a lot is that the you can change within

the settings

now if you wanna music player that’s all you stay on-topic and check out many

players so you can t actually have a doc right over here on the side

but if I swipe it out you can see that we have all the media controls that will

need so we can start playing music now obviously manipulate the volume

right there any know the previous or next song

by using those and this usually had julie has the album artwork I’m not sure

why it doesn’t right now but

he also dock this wherever you want so you can just pull it out

and sliding across basically in any part of your screen

next week here we have minimal camera to know what this does is basically allow

you hide

differ you I element within the camera application so for your him to the

settings here

you can see that I have enabled for the top you option to just have talked also

wish to say that we want to turn

everything off sorry go down here to bottom and will turn

all those of as well so now we go into our camera app

notice that we basically have not very many options the only options that we

have here

are directly from camera tweak 3 which I showed you previously in the video

0 nations a really popular tweak old Mir Mir now this does

is basically allow you to multitask like crazy so whatcha say we want to open up

tweet bought

and we want to minimize into a window so virgin a swipe down from the top left

hand corner

you can see that minimize that window and I can actually drag this where r


if I tap right up here he also pitched a zoom right here

you can actually maximize the game by hitting the plus minimize it by hitting

the minus

or hit the X to close it now of course you can do this with multiple windows

incan users\application simultaneously movie should be on every single Joburg

device and you can see why

just because it allows you to go back and forth between the first and last

page you can see how many pages I have done here just by looking at these page

dots so would be really annoying if I had to go through

all ’em just get my settings page which is actually on the last page

what I i cumover plus is also a must have just because

made it extremely easy to move application so we just get are icons in

the Wii Remote

we tap on and just like that and you can see this in label those aw

however may have selected so I have up to 12

sonar a swipe over here just to this page hit the home button

and you can see all those applications move very easily rather than having to

actually drag

and move them just like you normally have to now something that I never

really use all my devices landscape mode unless I’m watching a video

but I know a lot of people do and this next week is aimed towards you

so what this does is allow you to rotate the music app is an I was 8.4

you aren’t allowed to do that by default but you can see right here

now we rotate is going to rotate that just like you normally would have it

and you can access all your songs and everything right there in landscape mode

now one reason I don’t like watching videos on my devices when I need a poll

up that control center

or pull down the notification center I always get back grabber which is pretty


but now with the TWI called no grabber you don’t get that anymore so you can

see is I swipe up just once

when it comes up also my swipe down is going to give me the notifications there


simple as that letter we are what we call no slow animations that what this

does is obviously speed up

all the animations on your device so you can see the whole lot snappier

opening/closing applications

now if you want to get somewhat of a similar feature that you’re going to get

and I west

nine in the Notes app speaking download not nine

noticed we does is allow you to basically add

different things like pictures into you your

notes right here so you just tap on this little paintbrush is gonna ask you to

show papers so just tap on that and you can use the filter paper

or the graph paper and then you can basically interview doodle here so

we just you know was actually Tappan drop in may love smiley face

right there tap OK as you throw that actually

right there into your notes now for each ability is just not cutting in using

application with one hand

any needed basically read something that you can reach

you can just double press on reachability in use one hand with this

is going to allow you to

access everything on the screen right here with just one hand you can also

resize is

just by dragging it up just like that he also asked margins right here

in which you can use the volume up volume down go to notifications lost


all that good stuff just some really quick shortcuts right there

for that one hand was ur nephews you Notification Center lot then one thing

you probably like to do is clear out those notifications now

you can actually do that lot quicker easier with the TWI called one tap clear

so what that does is lie to tap on

that X right there and can automatically close out a bit so you don’t have to do

anything else

not to tap the X in intact clear he just hit the X button

and then close right out next week old group lock now what this does is

basically when you accidentally lock your device

if you give you 10 seconds to unlock your device without actually having to

type in your passcode

or use touch it. so you can see right here than a lock my advice

and must say we just left it locked for just a second but now I hit the home

button here

should go ahead and open right up to the springboard as you can see it did

basement we called p.m. really know what this does is basically when you set an


for any time that’s not in the AM then it’s actually going to ask you

just to make sure the you’re not setting something by accident sources say we’re

gonna set by

a are set a timer for 9:12 p.m. so we’re gonna tap Save

was gonna say p.m. really so basically be screw that up

he just at nope and it changed 2 a.m. by itself and you can tap say

next week old paint or skips now this doesn’t allow you to skip songs

continuously without having to wait so you can see was his best song

and then what’s this from stars playing we can skip this one basically nonstop

after snapped at you then you definitely want to download

phantom first match and what this does is basically allow you to

say pictures save videos you can use pictures directly from your phone to


as well as videos from your phone to roll so you can see right here if we

just open up

some random snap is somebody sent me

hopefully it’s not a nude let’s just say this one jordan’s

so a tap on this tap and hold you can see that we have a three second timer

but notice that it actually didn’t go away after that time burnett’s due to

phantom you can also save it just by tapping the little save right there

and of course you want to go to the next picture if there is another picture

you just tap on the screen no go the next picture next up here but we called

Fair Mon out this Tweet does is a lot of different things but it does it

right within the city so you can see right here to begin with that we have

brown accident colors nice dude Fairmount you also have to share panel

so you can tap on that to share the tweak

strolling down he can actually see all the features that include so it

basically is a

cancel button when you’re typing your search was a lot of people have been

asking for

it also will %uh redirect http to https

and also pulled a free fresh repository which is also nyse:

and has a really cool blurred background for the progress screen so for instance

if we want to reinstall this

you can see the blurred background right here let’s go ahead to confirm

and you can see what that looks like now back to our control so we also have a

tweet called police now what this does is give you a time

a different list so you can see all these list down here is actually like

over 300 that you can assign

so you can add all the different applications that you want to

many can actually customize what cool if you have for that particular application

so for instance if the swipe over here

in tap on this red Eclipse it should go ahead and open up

read it

does right there next up we haven’t we called power plus note this does

depressing whole

on the power button here you can get a little panel over the top left hand

corner right here so you have three options you can power of your device you

can reach bring your device

or you can go to the lock screen course you don’t want to do any though the

interest at a lax right there

in its gonna go away not fill in for something a little different you can

check out power tap now with that does

did you press and hold on the power button you get the

slide to power off but if you actually tap on that button

going to give you some other options he can slide to reboot slide to reach bring

as well as slide to go into safe mode tapping on one more time to bring back

to slide to power off

they mean there is this throughout the video but when I start typing on my

keyboard you’ll notice that the

colors actually change Windows keys pop out that’s due to a tweet called prism

bored so

if you want a different look when you typing on your keyboard with some extra


then download prism or next up here but we called reach app now this does the


access the previous application era Justin while you’re still

in the application hearing right now so all you have to do is double press on

the reject button right here

or the touch ID sensor you can see you can actually access

both those applications at the exact same time

next year but we call recording torch now what this does is allow you to use

the flash while you recording video

in the camera app Sophie open this up you’ll see that we have the

flash button right here so he turned on agency

that the flash is actually on so if you’re recording basically at night

or somewhere dark dennis is gonna come in pretty handy

next up what we called sleep key now this does basically get rid of all those


on your keyboard to make it look more sleek or more minimalistic soldiers

the whole lot more clean with this tweak you also notice that I have a sin but

right down here rather than a

return but not actually do to eat we called return to sender so that’s going

to be that sinn button right there

so anytime you type something out cap on that its joints in message options like


you probably noticed throughout the video but I have a rounded dock right


and that’s due to eat we called round doc now

rounded switcher card you can actually round of the corners up the at cards in

your ass

switchers agency with that does right here now to use Safari which you

probably do a really nice tweet to happen that we called Safari refresh

show just to refresh the page you don’t have to it is but many more

just pull down you can see the dollar right up there at the top in this going

to refresh that page

now same grammy can actually save pictures directly from Instagram

socially simple once you install this is no obstacle beer anything like that

join Instagram you’ll see the dot dot dot cap on that in tap Save

is can say that to your camera roll Sophie jump over here into my camera or

a quick you’ll see that picture right here in the bottom right hand corner so

it’s a directly to my camera roll

another night we do have that we called sin delay so what this does is allow you

to basically stopped the sending

up your message after you’ve actually taps in so let’s just say they were

gonna tap lol

you can see if I tap send I have a stop but now I can tap on the stop that

message from sending so this is helpful

you know you accidentally type something wrong or maybe you decide you don’t want

to chairs send it

offered at last second then you can actually stop it before sending off

now you guys probably notice is already throughout the video but you can see

right here that have showcase installed which basically just shows

the lower case letters on the keyboard when you type a lower case letter

when you tap on the shifty if you to capitalize all those letters because

that’s the next

case the letter you gonna type next to be a really cool tweet actually never

covered before and it’s called

sleep X this is definitely worth checking out with a large do you

is actually change the animation that happens when you put your device asleep

as well as was sound it makes when you put your device asleep so

you can see that actually using the page curl animation or affect

in for the sound I’m using the halo so let’s go ahead give us a shot here

show you guys what it looks like the so you can see changes that page animation

right there

and has a different sound but we can change this up as well so is changes up


let’s just do the fate I’ll see what that looks like

in for the sound will do you mystic I so let’s give this another shot

so you can see there’s quite a few different

image that you can choose from quite a few of them are pretty cool

chemical tweet to have here is what we called Smart apso

when you put your devices leave you see right here on the blank screen we can

actually just double tap and its gonna bring the

her weight the device up as you can see right there now feeling for free

alternative to tweak

color flow then you can check out spectra which I have installed right

here so basically what this does is

blur out that background on the lost thing you’re playing music in its gonna

match that colour

I love the Dominic callers in the album artwork now again it’s not as good as

color flow but again

at the same time it’s free so should check that out definitely do so

now speeding ticket buyers basically like no slow animations that gives you

more granular control

over what speed intensifier does with the tweet does so you can see right here

you can actually change

the speed love which the animations take place from

times too up to basically no animation whatsoever just gonna automatically

happen so

can see right here you can also change the a different types even changed to


fusion advanced or ap so I mean you have a different options here you can mess

with those

and you want to get more rain or you can actually use the sliders right down here

after only a little more fancy with your loss cream you’re playing music then you

can download it we called spin so you can see what that does right here but

the album artwork

right in the middle obviously we have a little scrubber right out here you can

actually grab a move around

and the right down here you have your media controls still have that clock

right at their the

album and the artist as well as the time frame natural are you guys are familiar

with Sprint mice 32 crazy popular tweet

it basically has like a hundred tweet since I don’t want so

what this does is lie to customize all types at the danger animations ass

slider control center doc

folders icons lottery Notification Center page’s status farming basically

everything on your device and I mean I’m not really going into too much debt

up this Tweet I have a like 20 minute video

on all the different things you can do is bring to my story so because wanna

check that out

copper Lincolnshire from all over your eyes now status bonfires another tweet

that allows you to customize what you have

in your status bar scene 0 to try to appear that I had date

the time as well as the free bram

right there knew that all with this for each week status modifier

we also what we call tap to snap it’s going to allow you to just tap on the


to take pictures so you can see right there actually other

flash on you don’t have to have that you just tap is gonna take those pictures

really easily switch brings another legal Tweedy can download

and what does allow you to swipe up on the home screen in the App Store Jer

allied either restart the springboard acquittal applications

now if you wanna ever-changing passcode and you can do so

by downloading time pass code so you can see that it’s 932

so that means that my passcode is 0 9

3 to this can unlock the device so every time

that it changes so it’s 933 now so at this point

should be 0933 so let’s go and give it a shot here just to make sure that it


0933 just like that

know the KAL tweet that actually cover before that we called transition so

you can see right here what it does is lie to change the transition as you

swipe across to unlock your device or get your pastors screen so I just are

too slight

in those that we get that nice cool innovation and it’s quite a few

different animations you can choose from so just to choose

one more to show you a more go into the settings here

tap on transition and will change this to you

well just do the sphere tap on that and then we slide to unlock you’ll see a big


come before gramm social secu way to animate

your transition when your unlock your device so of course we’re bored is

another free tweeted you can download in Cydia that basically allows you to team

all your icons right here now this team that I’m actually using it what we call

amari so if you wanna download and check it out deathly do so

no job urban bone is complete without the tweet Zeppelin so you can see right

here that have to try force right there’s a was up when does allow you to

change the carrier logo

on your device in New have quite a few the condi- fall

with the tweak itself you can actually download a whole bunch of different ones

in city as well or even if you wanna make your own custom ones

it’s really not that hard to do so that’s all I have for this massive tweet

video hope you guys enjoyed it took a lot of time

to get this completely done so hope you guys enjoy it if you did make sure you

hit that like button

really helps me out I guys do I see more videos on everything jailbreak as well

as everything Apple

Top 50 FREE iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks Of ALL Time – 8.3 & 8.4 Jailbreak Compatible

what I look at is everything ok all-pro here and in this video I will be showing

you the top 50

for you Cydia Tweaks for I was 8.4

I know there’s a lot of paid Cydia tweaks but there’s a ton of good ones as

well and in this video on a share

the top 50 with you guys and these are all compatible with the latest

a point for any point 3G or breaks on the six percent lower devices

not you guys have not jailbroken your that is a requirement for this video

go ahead and do so there if you guys wanna go ahead and get the full tweak

lists all the sources yes you will need

a lot of custom sources for these see one go ahead an access list

down there and there will be some bonus tweaks in there as well as well as this


so without any further ado let’s go ahead and jump right in

customize the look and functionality of the toggles in control center using CC

controls is a free replacement of polls

and it’s got some nice teen options in their long CCB is schork up when you

press it all go inside over the control center it’ll take you to Settings

belonging to that toggles

just like this now this has been our body makes it easier to access


when you actually get one so for example use a message

I it will actually allow you to bring down that message along with

reachability seek go ahead and answer down here

they’re easily now here’s type status it will show you when someone having a

conversation thread with you is about to send you an eye message so predict the


at tiny bar works well with a better body in type status

streamlines the look at your notifications and now just shakers 180

actually there buddy it will still work for me

really call customize the look love your messages using message customized you

can get some Rooney color combos in here

you can change everything from the text colors the bubble color a lot in here

a prism board is actually really cool it allowed to change the colors

a pure pop up keys and it’s a random color every single time in the works

really well with messages customizer really cool look

for your keyboard noble Lord is a keyboard tweak that allows you to get

8910 keyboard look

everywhere so you’ll get dark keep or set up

you know it’s a lot like Eclipse tubal only in the keyword area throughout your


notice how the Return key has been replaced with the send

key with us return to sender and it’s a really nifty tweak makes it a lot easier

send text messages by clicking is Big Pun

is set the little one down there and of course he must have for anybody using

the keyboard

it’s called swype selection easily navigate through text with a simple

swipe while typing

and select text using this guy down here now feature in I was nine taken from a


is called showcase so it’ll actually change up from lower case the upper case

when selecting the shift key right there

I would recommend you guys download em especially if the user device at night a


it actually allows you to get even darker display so let’s put this guy

all the way down and then we can go ahead and put it down even lower with

this tweak not take a look at my dark it’s got quite a few changes in here for

one and there’s around Dhaka gives you

rounded edges just like Mac OS 10 has on its dark and it’s a really cool effect

too is it dark ship you can add filters to the back that make it look a lot

different let’s say I wanna the most blurry

Anna it’s going to look more blurry radar if you take a look at this phone

seems really massive this is a six pas

with 35 icon layout is called better five call on home screen

and better five icon dock seeking get up to five icons

in the horizontal formats is really cool fit a lot of tweaks on your display and

it doesn’t feel bunched up

at all and while we’re on the topic a rounding things here is circle icons

make all the icons in setting more circular

really works well in this theme give your phone a translucent

look that’s actually pretty crazy with flirty it so extensive in a well-made

I mean you can find everywhere any settings from settings to phone

to the App Store everything has this glassy look to it looks really cool

cylinder brings page animations to I was a point for its the free version at

their own others a ton to choose from

and it works very well this is just one of my favorites are here

allow your device to school infinitely three pages using mobile yes

give yourself he customer logo for your carrier he sings up land there are so

many packs inside a city I’ve got Pokemon packs rehear

so change the look with the Pokemon love your choice

gas and drink wines as well to advertise but really cool

take a close look this is cheesecake it brings the animation from

Android for lock to I was so fade out when locking in some just a sudden black

make your device feel a lot faster than it actually is

using no slow animations open/close applications of a lot faster

overall animations will be sped up on your device locking and unlocking the


it’ll just feel like you got RAM boost

now here’s big if I am delighted to change the size the labels

the angle and rotational icons overall just customize the look

other icons on your springboard just like back to search a feature found in I

was nine

last app is set with an act leader gesture and mindset to double tap on the

status bar in New open up the last use application

the you were inside a sec with this 1i wanna quickly jump back into it he just

activity that gesture and boom it opens up the last ap use

had some extra functionality to Safari with Safari refreshed just lie down to

refresh a page it’s that easy

now close all tabs ago but on open spin holding this one

likes with close all go ahead and select

yes easy easily power down using this new power down menus called power plus

silver you’ll be shut down a tree spring any safe mode button

now the latest version of power saver mode which does require a custom source

put your device into a power saving mode is actually stolen street from I was

nine an over here you can check

individual settings that are enabled when you enable the small greatly extend

the life

out your battery that there are two more Cydia tweaks I can recommend to extend

your battery the first is locus locus were only enable

location services on app so you’re using so it stops

all hit in location services in the background also here’s a Rubicon to

limit the usage

other data to a certain speed depending on if you’re using a device or not it

does help greatly extend the battery life

now although this already come stock with the six pas SP flip allow you to

get that exclusive functionality from the six pas

to rotate your home screen sideways on the iPhone 6 and lower devices

Top 50 FREE iOS 8.4 Cydia Tweaks Of ALL Time - 8.3 & 8.4 Jailbreak Compatible

another iPhone six-plus feature is this conversation

pictures in the messages application you can bring them to all devices using

convo pics so here’s jelly-like unified it’s a jelly-like 7 successor and it

does work great

on latest surge it is still in beta but it’s the android lock screen

on I was you can add shortcuts in here they can quickly open up to

of course after entering your password but it works great change the text on

your lock screen using

lockscreen tool you can also move the camera grabber if you don’t like it

but pretty much customize your lock screen if you wanna go to extensive like

jelly locket here’s a law clerk for burial get wat i unlock your device with

touch it. it’s just been updated

sound is finally working mix up to look at your absolution with grids which are

you can align these

integrated get up to four by four had a boo sound to your device

using and booze sound as you can see I got a Mac OS 10 sound on my iPhone


reboot sorry springs and a slot to download a lot to choose from so sweet

that stands out to me is

hoops locke says you’re typing you doing something you lock your device

realize always I didn’t finish well this quickly elisa get right back into

where you are at called hoops lock and lock your device you can say certain

amount of time after pressing the Home button

it’ll go back or break into where you work a potential life-saver p.m. really

we’ll ask you if you really want to confirm

p.m. setting for your alarm if you say no middle switches

a.m. and you’re good at one cleaner I recommend for everybody

anybody it’s gonna jailbreak it a clean up your mess you make with tweaks

elderly all cash is everything the you leave behind

here’s the day in status bar just as the name suggests it’ll put the day

in your status parts he can access it within any application you have to go to

Home screen to look at the icon not nine brings the modification for notes for a


using this right here so he just like that you can actually color from within

the Notes application do your thing

select the Tools array here and easily modify and

puts it directly in you know application when you’re done here’s true I radio

little idea unlimited skips inside the radio application

and know and ever clay this does not work with Apple beats music streaming

service know it can get it to you for free

house on the lake could see you on a whole lotta pain it gives you a certain

amount of time to go ahead and stop can cancel the message

from ever be sent to the recipient in case there’s a spelling error or you’re

sending a message to the wrong person

a true a lifesaver also there are some new movies with emoji

83 plus so when it comes to the flags for nations it brings all those extra

flights found I was nine

to I was a plea for and there is a one-time bonus

bach Moga here’s what some would be this one

great here and lastly to finish it all up here some camera tweaks I could not

live without

suffer suffer photos here stopped to snap just by tapping on the screen

you’ll be able to easily take pictures just like feature found an injury also

when recording video here is a record pause just top

on the status over here up the video and on tap it it’ll go ahead and record

again from where you left off

also recorded torch allows you to use your flash module

while recording this is fun and I was nine but not in I was a to stock

and lastly from flash undertaking a picture it’ll activate

he from a flash for your device yes he said on

just looks now try to flash the whole display to create synthetic flash

so guys there you go the top 50 free I was a point for any point three

Cydia Tweaks there’s a lot of good stuff in there I know

love the good ones are paid by there’s a lot to be found on the free section in

city as well

of course doesn’t matter he pirate but it’s good you guys to support the


new ways hope you enjoy this video guys thanks for watching really enjoy making

these kinda videos always discovering new tweaks of course

there will be a many more these to come I mean there’s a ton the Cydia tweaks

that will be made

specifically for these for more zombie covering all done

in these guys stay tuned for more videos have a great day enjoy all these tweaks

in your I was a point for jailbreak